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Join us for a night celebrating the powerful voices and stories of immigrant women at our Voice Of Immigrant Women-Gala!

VIWO is thrilled to invite you to join us for an unforgettable evening of elegance, entertainment, and philanthropy at our first gala event!

We named this event “Bu Düş Çok Güzel | Ev Xêyalêk pîr xêşê | This Dream is Beautiful | این رویا زیباست | هذا الحلم جميل” because VIWO’s journey began with a dream of providing support and solidarity to immigrant women and community members who have immigrated from Turkey to Canada.

This event is a gathering of incredible women from diverse backgrounds, all coming together to share their stories and inspire one another, accompanied by diverse performers throughout the night. The gala will take place at the beautiful Edessa Banquet Hall and Convention Centre, providing the perfect setting for an evening of connection and support. The setting is seated.

🎧🎶🎤 During this amazing night, be captivated by sensational performances from these amazing musicians, DJ’s and dancers:

  • Didem
  • Sammy Violin
  • DJ Alihan Inanli
  • Beva
  • DJ Devrim
  • Jamilah

By purchasing a ticket to our fundraising event, you are making a meaningful contribution to VIWO’s projects aimed at assisting the community members that immigrated from earthquake-stricken areas in Turkiye, as all proceeds from ticket sales and almost all sponsorship revenues will be allocated to these endeavors.

2 Mezze + Cig Kofte Plate

Main Dish: Roast Beef | Chicken | Vegetarian

Pilav & Salad

Fruits | Dessert

2 bottles of wine for each table

🍽️ If you would like to have a chicken or vegetarian option, please send an email to [email protected] along with your purchased ticket no later than 21 May.


7:15 pm: Welcome Speech

7:30 pm: Sammy Violin Show

8:15 pm: VIWO Introduction

9:30 pm: Didem Live Performance

10:30 pm: Jamilah Belly Dance

11:00 pm: Beva Live Performance

11:30 pm – 12:30 am: DJ Performance (Alihan&Devrim)

Come join us for a night of celebration and empowerment at the Voice Of Immigrant Women – Gala and share our excitement! Get your tickets now!

Bu Düş Çok Güzel | Xêyalêk pîr xêşê | This Dream is Beautiful | این رویا زیباست | هذا الحلم جميل